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Amy deVries

MA in Professional Coaching |Professional Certified Coach | Board Certified Coach

AG Proficient Coach, Level 3 | Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach

Each course provides 16 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) that meet certification

requirements of International Coach Federation, AG Coaching, and Coach Approach Ministries.

NOW AVAILABLE: In addition to on site training, I can offer Online Coach Training.  The same high quality content of each class is split into 6 two hour weekly sessions. You have no travel costs and no missed days of work.

Introduction to Coaching 

The purpose of this course is to orientate participants to the leadership discipline of coaching.  When you join this class, you will be introduced to coaching language, coaching conversations, an overall understanding of what coaching is, how it differs from other leadership disciplines, and how to partner with others to achieve their goals. Participants will learn about the eight ICF Core Coaching Competencies, emphasizing Embodying a Coaching Mindset, Listening Actively and Evoking Awareness. Required text: Co-Active Coaching: Changing Business Transforming Lives by Henry Kimsey-House, Karen Kimsey-House, Phillip Sandaho, and Laura Whitworth (4th Edition).

Written by Professional Coach University | Mike Smith, AGPC, PCC

NOTE: This class is a pre-requisite for all additional coaching classes.


Establishing Dynamic Relationships (CAM 502) | What does it take to develop a strong professional coaching relationship?  It takes attention to the essentials and going beyond expectations.  In CAM 502, you learn to do just that.  In this ICF-approved course, you will learn: ICF ethics and standards, how to help PBC orient around areas of strengths and high performance patterns, the ingredients for a strong first session, and how to go beyond just the doing of coaching in order to really be a coach. CAM 502 is an essential class for every coach — whether your aim is a professional coaching practice or to establish coaching relationships within your ministry or professional role.


Coaching Change, Transition, and Transformation (CAM 503) | Coaching is all about change, but not all change is the same and coaches need to be able to support three types of change: proactive change, transitions, and deep transformation. This course provides students the knowledge and skills necessary for coaching people and groups through change. Attention is given to understanding different types of change, how to support people going through transitions, and how to use coaching to initiate positive change.

Coaching for Spiritual Growth (CAM 508) | This course provides you the knowledge and skills necessary to apply coaching to faith conversations so you can use coaching to support people moving closer to God and deeper in their commitment to Christ. Attention is given to how a dialogical approach can be effective for evangelism and discipleship, how coaching can be expressed in the ministries of a local church, and the relationship between coaching competencies and Christian practices.

Coach Approach to Leading and Managing (CAM 510) | You know how to coach and you know how to lead, but how do you incorporate coaching into your leadership? This course provides the knowledge and skill necessary for taking a coach approach to working with teams, managing direct reports and volunteers, and leading within a church or other organization.

Each training seminar is relaxed, focused, fun, and relevant. (Translation: Participatory Learning, Snacks, Breaks,

and tons of Take-Home Resources. If you're participating online I'm afraid you'll need to bring your own snacks.) ;)

Each class is in careful alignment with the Competencies, Ethics, and Certification Requirements of the International Coach Federation and AG Coaching.

"I hired Amy to help me start getting my Professional Life Coaching career going. She was very easy to connect with and her intentive listening and powerful questions helped me develop as a life coach and start on a course that has been life changing."

Paul Hackett

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