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Create a Coaching Culture

Amy deVries

MA in Professional Coaching | Professional Certified Coach | Board Certified Coach

AG Proficient Coach, Level 3 | Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach

Do you long to see real learning and behavior change in your team or organization?


In our Christian organizations we might call this leadership development and discipleship. Modern Neuroscience is telling us how adults learn best and (surprise!) coaching skills top the list. 


Consider providing high quality coach training for your leaders. If you want to build a coaching culture, you can provide coaching OR you can double your impact by not only providing coaching, but also by empowering your leaders to develop coaching skills for themselves.


Where do you start?

Invite Amy to your location to present...

        Quickstart to Coaching


This 6 hour training will introduce you to the basics of coaching and allow you and your team to determine if coaching is a tool you would like to utilize.


Invite your Staff and Key Leaders. Give your leaders the opportunity to learn how to think like a coach. A coaching mindset will help your leaders communicate better, resolve conflict, encourage each other, and ask better questions that bring clarity and action.


Create a Discipleship Culture that works. Current brain research informs us that adults experience their best learning and behavior change while in an environment that reflects coaching principles. Since the desired results of effective Christian Discipleship are new learning and behavior change in the hearts and actions of disciples, the skillful application of coaching practices is a logical method to pursue. 

Cost: Depends on the number of participants. Contact me for a price.

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