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Letter of Recommendation

One of my joys over the past couple of years as an associate network leader in the Northwest Ministry Network has been to provide oversight to our coaching initiatives. Some great people have helped me with this, and I’ve been particularly pleased with Amy deVries and her involvement as our facilitator for personal leadership coaching. I would recommend Amy to work with you or as a consultant as you provide coaching opportunities and training for your organization.


Amy is personable, and has the initiative to self-start and see a project through to completion. She has tremendous insight about the opportunities for leadership growth through coaching, and both the education and experience to back up her competency.


Amy’s enthusiasm for coaching is infectious. She is a tremendous coach in her own right, and a wonderful trainer. She will listen to your dreams, help you articulate them, and provide the expertise to make them happen. I highly endorse and recommend her. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.



Don Detrick

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